Disability Council

The Disability Council acts under the authority of the municipal council, as prescribed by the Local Government Act (410/2015 § 28). The Disability Council is a co-operative body consisting of the Pälkäne municipality, disabled residents and their relatives, and local organisations representing disabled groups.

Aims of the Disability Council:

  • Enhance the ability of people with disabilities to participate in the choices and decisions affecting their quality of life.
  • Promote co-operation between authorities, people with disabilities and disability organisations and associations in Pälkäne.
  • Promote equal participation of people with disabilities in the various activities of society, such as education, employment, housing, social and health services, cultural and recreational activities and other services available within the municipality.
  • Monitor the ongoing needs of people with disabilities and the level, availability and accessibility of services they require.
  • Devise new proposals and initiatives, as well as providing feedback to municipal authorities on issues relevant to the well-being, health, inclusion, living environment, housing, mobility or daily activities of people with disabilities and the services they need.
  • Perform other activities and tasks assigned to it by the municipal government to assist with the well-being of disabled residents and their families.

Disability Council Members (2017 - 2021):

Laila Saario (Chair of the Disability Council)
Pälkäne Respiratory Association
p. 040 586 0691

Pirjo Pasi
Pälkäne Respiratory Association

Anja Kallioinen
Tampere Diabetes Association
p. 0400 632 377

Esa Hakala
Tampere Region Invalids Association
p. 0400 950 747
Deputy: Kari Vuorenmaa

Eija Rantanen
Kangasala Region Developmental Disability Support Association 
p. 040 735 2321
Deputy: Tuula Päivinen

Other Elected Representatives
Outi Viitanen
p. 044 517 2767
Deputy: Mirva Kittilä

Reetta Mathier
p. 050 367 3467
Deputy: Jyri Kankila

Mia Sorri (Secretary of the Disability Council)
p. 050 592 7376

Further Information:

Disability Council Code of Conduct (in Finnish)

Disability Council Information Brochure (in Finnish)

Disability Council Meeting Minutes