Communication and Marketing

The most important communication channel of Pälkäne municipality is this website, which contains current news and alerts, as well as information on municipal services. In addition, there are social media channels on Facebook.

VisitPälkäne, the tourism-focussed site for Pälkäne, has its own Facebook and​​​​​​ Instagram pages, detailing local attractions and events.

Municipal announcements are also published in the local "Sydän-Häme" newspaper. The paper also covers other events and current affairs  in the region.

Visual Identity for the Pälkäne municipality "pälkäne the best time" is a travel logo

The Pälkäne logo is modern and minimalist, fuels the imagination and is approachable. The illustration highlights the elements of the Pälkäne identity - the history, the lakes and the rural landscape. The logo's font is like Pälkäne itself: its roots deep in the ground and its eyes high. The curve of the Ä's bring a slightly floating wave into the logo.

Pälkäne's main colour is blue. It reflects the endless waterways, and points in a fresh way to a long history in which blue is integrated as a part of our identity. In addition to the logo, the various divisions of the Pälkäne municipality may use other graphic elements and colours for their communication and marketing.