Youth Club

a picture of a disco party The Onkalaala Youth Club is located next to the municipal office (Keskustie 1), opposite the K-Shop and R-Kioski. The Youth Club is a space for the young people to hang out, play games and chat together. Other activities are also provided, and planned together with the young people.

There is also the Starttipaja Workshop and other activities to assist them. The Youth club is an alcohol-free and non-discriminating area for the kids to chill and relax with their friends.

The Luopioinen youth club is in Mikkolan Navetta (Keskitie 5a). There you can play billiards, frisbee, ping-pong, or just hang out. The youth club is open to class 5 and older.

The goal of the youth club is to provide young people with their own safe place to meet, and to support their leisure activities. The Youth Club is an alcohol-free and non-discriminating area for the youth to meet-up and relax wih friends.

In the basement of the high-school there is a band music room with some common musical instruments, which can be used alongside the band's own equipment if needed. Ask a music teacher or a youth work coordinator if you wish to use the room to practice.