Outreach Youth Work

small boats made by wood and plastic bags Outreach Youth Work offers support for young people under 29 years of age.

We assist the young people with job searching as helping young people to obtain other required assistance and services. Outreach provides young people with support and runs for as long as it is needed.

Participation in the activity is voluntary, and the young person determines what kind of help and support they require.

This is how we create a path for the young person. The Outreach Youth process is a personal process, with a duty of confidentiality, goal-orientation and transparency.

A young person can contact their outreach youth worker by telephone, email or even Facebook. Outreach workers can also be advised of an issue by a friend or other person who has a concern for the young person involved. The authorities may also express their concerns to the youth worker regarding a young person who may be in need of guidance and support, also in confidence.

The outreach youth worker works in close cooperation with the Starttipaja workshop team and also participates in office-based and external leisure time activities with the young people.

Outreach Youth Worker
Tommi Järvinen
p. 050 465 9301