Local TE Services

Te-palvelut tjänster I services logoThe Kostiakeskus community centre also acts as a service point for the TE employment services department. At Kostiakeskus, material and guidance on TE services are available. The centre also has videoconferencing facilities, enabling discussions with an employment specialist at a regional TE office. The video conference facilities need to be booked in advance.

Services offered at the centre:

  • Access to TE website services, other electronic services, and access to customer video-conferencing terminals.

  • Ability to register as a job seeker.

  • Access to TE Office brochures and forms.

  • Ability to submit documents and forms to the TE Office.
    (NB: It is however recommended to send forms directly: Pirkanmaan TE-toimisto, PL 587, 33101 Tampere)

Contact Details
Onkkaalantie 76
36600 Pälkäne
Support Line - p. 050 306 1571

The service point is open on Tuesdays and Fridays, from 09:00 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 15:00

Additional Information
Official TE website: www.te-palvelut.fi
Pirkanmaa TE Office enquiry numbers:

  • p. 0295 045 501 for individuals
  • p. 0295 045 503 for businesses

Workline Advice Service, p. 0295 020 700
Enterprise Finland, p. 0295 020 500