Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education in Pälkäne

Good early education for the best times in Pälkäne!

The Sydän-Häme municipal centres of Pälkäne and Luopioinen are located in a rustic landscape, surrounded by waterways, with good connections to Tampere, Valkeakoski and Hämeenlinna.  The Pälkäne landscape and the renowned Luopioinen region reflect the countryside at its most beautiful.

The municipality offers good and versatile sports facilities including beaches, sports fields, Kostia Areena sports hall, running and skiing grounds, skating rinks and nature trails in the surrounding area. We use these whenever possible during the seasons, as learning is not all about classrooms. We also use the diverse cultural resources of the municipality, such as libraries, churches and ruins along with the Kostianvirta battlefield and local museums, as well as attending various events throughout the year. Our activities are based on safe child growth, and learning-based everyday life. Our goal is to have an open partnership with parents, respecting the familiarity of families.

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Children do not play to learn, they learn while playing

trying, looking and wondering. Developing a child's own needs inspires play, and so evolves their social skills. Our mission is to enable the play to emerge, to observe, listen to, and to give space to a range of playful ideas. At different ages, the child will go to start their own play independently. As educators, we help to guide and support the formation of the child's self-esteem and the development of their social and physical skills.

Children are naturally curious, and so by exploring, the child wonders, learns, questions and tries different things. Examining and questioning life is important to the child's development, and provides a basis for everyday life and future school years. By understanding and encouraging them, we allow the child the joy of studying.

Check out the Pälkäne municipal Early Childhood Education Plan (in finnish)

See also the 2016 national guidelines regarding the Basics of Early Childhood Education (in finnish).