Procurement and Tenders

Pälkäne municipality will put certain requirements out to tender, as required by law. As such, offers to tenders are published on the following websites, where applications to fulfill the tenders can be submitted: and

Procurements exceeding certain amounts, depending on tender type, are governed by the Public Procurement Act and the Openness of Government Activities Act.

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like more detailed information about the tender opportunity. Where can I get them?
The application form has a section where you can request more information. Additional information should be requested before the date stated in the call for tenders, as the system will no longer accept questions after that date.

I was still completing my submission when the call for tenders was closed, will my submission be included?
If the submission was not completed, then it is deemed invalid. The submission must be completed before the deadline expires.

I wish to revise my submission. Is this possible?
If the acceptance period is still open, you may still change your submission. After the closing date, this is no longer possible.

I do not meet all of the minimum requirements for the tender, but I would still like to leave a submission. Is it possible?
Unfortunately not. The minimum requirements must be met in order to be included in the tender process.