Rural Services

a picture of one of pälkänes big wheat fields and lakesRural Services are responsible for the management of local rural economies and the development of rural industries.

The municipality has strong dairy industry, along with produce from livestock production. There is also a thriving vegetable industry.

There are 7178 hectares of agricultural land in the Pälkäne region, including 3469 hectares of grain grown on the fields, 2082 hectares of grasses, 185 hectares of open garden vegetables and 68 hectares of berries. The average active area of arable land is 32.77 hectares and 62.38 hectares of forest area.

The Rural Services Department is based in Orivesi, and as well as Pälkäne, it is also responsible for Kangasala and Juupajoki municipalities and the rural areas of Tampere.

Contact Information
Orivesi Rural Services
Pälkäne Service Point
Keskustie 1
36600 Pälkäne

Regional information for Rural Services (in Finnish) on the Orivesi website

Rural Services Manager
Maija Kaivola
p. 040 758 8770

Rural Services Manager
Matti Hokkanen
p. 040 579 0705