The cultural services of Pälkäne municipality operate with support of organisations and cultural operators, and produce, in cooperation and independently, various cultural events. The cultural services team helps to find funding channels, and futher develops communication between the municipality and culture organisations. The culture team, together with leisure time team, arranges association meetings and various training courses that match the requirements of the municipality and residents.

The municipality awards annual association grants to local cultural associations and Tauno Sairiala scholarships are also awarded to active cultural operators.

Culture Secretary
Marketta Vaismaa 
p. 0400 931 005

Parasta aikaa - Pälkäne omin silmin (Best Times - Pälkäne through your own eyes), priced at 25€, is a photobook by Pasi Tiitola & Marketta Vaismaa detailing the beauty of the town and surrounding countryside. It is available from the reception area of the Pälkäne municipality building,  Pytinki in Luopioinen and The Ark (main library) in Pälkäne.