Pälkäne Light Fibre Oy

Pälkäne Light Fibre Limited is a company part-owned by the Pälkäne municipality, which is tasked with the construction and maintenance of broadband telecommunication infrastructure connections throughout the Pälkäne region.

Pälkäne Light Fibre is responsible for the construction of a fibre optic network and maintenance in the municipal area. Network construction is purchased as a service offering. The company vision is that the entire Pälkäne municipality area is acessible via a fibre optic network.

Wireless 3G and 4G wireless connections are being marketed where there is no possibility of fibre optic connections. However, these wireless connections are not currently enough for the needs of tomorrow. Greater information flow over the wireless network, with so many devices, is already causing congestion on the networks. This is especially apparent in more rural areas, when the base station towers are far apart. For these reasons, Pälkäne has decided to start building a fibre optic network in the municipality.

Today, the fibre optic interface is becoming a basic connection for each home, just like power, water, and telephone services. Fibre optic connectivity is also not just for computer use. With connected TV's and IOT devices becoming more prevelant, it makes it possible to use completely new types of services. Through the optical fibre network, the fastest and most reliable TV and web services become available now, and are ready for the future. The company installs 100/1000M internet connections - the fastest home option - allowing many devices to function concurrently, and even teleworking from home becomes possible.

In the first phase, the company built a network across the municipal centre, from Harhala to Tausti. The network is now being extended across the region, with completion planned by 2020.

More information (in Finnish) can be found on the company's own website www.palkaneenvalokuitu.fi