Strategy and Vision

Municipality Strategy

The municipality strategy guides the municipality's activities. The strategy outlines the long-term goals of the municipality, and creates a vision of the future for the municipality. The Pälkäne Strategy (2028) (in Finnish) was approved by the municipal council on 03.05.2018. The strategy is currently in the process of being updated.

The vision of Pälkäne municipality for 2028

By 2028, the population of Pälkäne is expected to have grown by a few thousand, with many new happy residents, even better services, and more diverse entrepreneurship opportunities.

Main objectives

Pälkäne in 2028 is expected to be a thriving municipality with 8,000+ inhabitants. Much of that growth will be based on residents using the good transport links from Onkkaalaa to Tampere and other nearby towns. Onkkaalaa, the heart of the municipality, will be powerful enough to breathe vitality throughout the municipality. The decline in population of the smaller villages will be reversed as the attractiveness of village life is appreciated once more, along with improved overall services across the region. In 2028 the municipal economy will be strong, enabling the improvement of services and facilities for all the residents. The population growth will also create new local businesses, as well as helping existing ones flourish.

Pälkäne Strategy (2028) (in Finnish)


Other Strategies and Programmes

Pälkäne Municipality Strategy (2013-2018) (in Finnish)

Pälkäne Municipality Health and Well-Being Strategy (2016-2020) (in Finnish)

The Rantaraitti Land Use Development Plan (2025) (in Finnish)

Pälkäne Municipal Integration Program (2016-2020) (in Finnish)