Plots and Housing

a picture of pälkänes many beautiful houses right next to pakanranta

Pälkäne is an ever growing and developing town - the beauty of a rural location, but still only a short drive to Tampere.

The image shows a recent development near the Kostia river, offering detatched and terraced housing, along with a play park for children. New plots and developments are added regularly, in the central Onkkaala area, as well as the outskirts. The newest residential area under development is Rohola, near the Kostia river, in close proximity to the town centre and the Majaranpello, Lomakodi and Kenraalinkivi areas.

Land is also available in the villages of Luopioinen and Rautajärvi, located a little further away in a beautiful rural environment. In Rajalanniemi there are even lakeside plots still available.

New and updated services to the town are always being investigated and reviewed, such as the joint development Pälkäne Light Fibre company, which is tasked with installing super-fast internet around the region.