Community College

Community College is an excellent environment to implement the principle of lifelong learning. You can experience the joy of learning, the joy of creativity and the success and refreshing effect of working with others in a group environment. Like other schools around Finland, our doctrine is also a source of creativity and a recreational enjoyment.

The Pärkäne Community College Services are organised by the Valkeakoski College (in Finnish). There are dozens of different courses for adult learners in evening classes as well as courses for children and young people, including ballet and theatre studies (in Finnish).

The school is open to everyone, welcome!

Reeta Tenhola
p. 040 335 7017

School Secretary
Irene Prusti
p. 040 335 7076

Registration and Enquiries
03 5691 7100

There is also a service point at the Pälkäne Ark Library and more details on the Valkeakoski College information page (in Finnish).

Registration for courses is ongoing!

For the academic year 2017-2018, you can review the courses and register on the Valkeakoski College website (in Finnish).

You can also register by calling the registration line - 03 5691 7100.

When registering or enquiring, please remember to provide all your information, including e-mail address and phone number.

Feedback and Course Requests

Do you have any question or wish to give feedback? Or maybe you wish to submit a new course proposal?

If so, please use this survey / feedback link (in Finnish). If you require a repsonse to your question or feedback, please also include your contact details.

Kesä Pälkäneellä