Environmental Protection

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The Environmental Protection Act (Administration of the Municipalities), code 1986/64, states that in its territory, the municipality shall monitor and promote environmental protection by protecting, treating and developing nature and the rest of the environment a healthy, comfortable, stimulating and environmentally sustainable habitat for the inhabitants of the municipality.

The Construction and Environment Division is the municipal authority for environmental and nature conservation in Pälkäne. Much of the work is about issuing and controlling various environmental permits, but it also provides a great deal of environmental information to both municipal departments and local residents. The main purpose is to safeguard the environment of Pälkäne now, and for future generations..

Environmental protection tasks include water protection, nature conservation, waste control, noise control, waste water treatment for sparsely populated areas and municipal air quality monitoring. The Environmental Protection Authority prepares environmental permits and makes decisions on any advised notifications. Information, advice and guidance on environmental protection can be requested covering a range of issues, from nature conservation areas and waste management to water protection issues.

General e-mail for non-urgent environmental protection issues or questions: ymparisto[at]palkane.fi

For urgent issues, please call the Pälkäne Municipality - 03 57 911

The Environmental Department is located at the Municipal Offices - Keskustie 1, Pälkäne.

Administration Team

Secretary to Environmental Department
Elina Heinonen
p. 040 829 1178

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