Art Education

a picture of a girl painting a peacock

Art education is the teaching of different arts and crafts for children and young people. Each art field is planned based on national curriculum basics that outline the objectives, contents and evaluation methods of education.

Art education is a goal-oriented, long-term activity with regular sessions that goes from year to year. Arts education for a child or young person can help develop self-expression and a lifelong hobby to enrich their lives or even offer a road to a professional career.

In Pälkäne, art education is organised in the fields of dance, visual arts and crafts, music and theatrical art. In the links below you will find more details on the lessons offered.

New students may apply to courses in Spring, usually in May. For more information on the dates and registration instructions, please visit the course pages.


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Ballet School (in Finnish)






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Theatre Studies (in Finnish)




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EMIL Art and Handicrafts School (in Finnish)





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Music Studies (in Finnish)




Further information can also be found on the TPO Arts Education website (in Finnish) and the following publication:

Introduction to the TPO Art Education Association (in Finnish)