Income Support

Income support is the last-resort form of social support for people and families in financial difficulties. Income support is provided to a person who is in need of support and can not obtain a viable income through normal earnings, entrepreneurship, other income or resources, support from a person who is liable for maintenance or through usual primary social security sources.

Applications for income suport were transferred from municipalities to KELA at the beginning of 2017. Application forms are available from KELA offices and municipal social welfare offices. More information can be found on KELA's own Income Support page.

Pälkäne municipality organises social services in co-operation with Kangasala. For more information on social assistance, please visit social support services (in Finnish) on Kangasala's web site.

Financial Advice and Debt Counselling

In a situation where you can not pay your bills or creditors on time, please contact financial and debt counselling. If the situation persists, the problems may increase, for example, interest and collection fees may be applied. The Financial and Debt Counselling service examines how to balance finances and settle debts. Financial and debt counselling also helps to mediate in disputes, and supports decision-making.

Pälkäne residents are served by the Valkeakoski Financial and Debt Advice Bureau. Financial advice and debt counselling service is free of charge.

Contact Information

p. 040 335 7209 - Tuesday to Thursday, between 09:00 - 10:00