Summer Residents

a picture of a long river that goes trough pälkäne The municipality of Pälkäne can reasonably be called a "cottage municipality", as there are about 4200 holiday homes in the municipality. Leisure-time residents are of great importance, both to the municipality and the community, and many villages are able to offer a better overall service offering to all residents due to these extra visitors.

Although mainly summer-time visitors, when the local population more than doubles, many leisure -time visitors also come during winter time. 

The municipality of Pälkäne has a recreational committee, which enables leisure-time residents to participate in municipal development.

The task of the committee is to promote the interaction and information flow between the municipality and the leisure-time residents, and to provide leisure-time visitors with an opportunity to influence municipal decision-making.

Leisure-time residents are represented by Hannu Harjula, Sari Helminen, Sinikka Hovi, Harri Joki, Martti Kataja and Paavo Virkkunen. The representatives of the municipality are Eero Laesterä, Mirva Kittilä, Pertti Salminen, Outi Viitanen and Janita Koivisto.