Services for the Elderly

Pälkäne operates a joint service for senior citizens in conjunction with Kangasala.

For more information, please visit the Kangasala Services for Elderly webpage.

Services for the elderly are designed to enhance their well-being and quality of life, as well as aiming to empower them for independant living and ensuring their safety. The care is based on the principle of respecting the individuality, values, habits and opinions of senior citizens.

The main object in organising services is to support and enhance the possibilities for senior citizens to live in their own homes, and so in a familiar environment, for as long as possible. When this becomes no longer possible, comfortable, high-quality long-term care and accomodation can be offered.

The Development Plan for Services for the Elderly 2014-2020 (in Finnish) was developed jointly with Pälkäne and Kangasala municipalities as a framework for services going forward.

The Service Guide for the Elderly (in Finnish) has attempted to collect all the services and general benefits available in the municipality of Pälkäne. The purpose of the guide is to provide as much information as possible only on the services provided by the municipality, as well as the services provided by health care and parish foundations and associations, along with the support available from KELA.

See also the Assisted Travel Services page for help with mobility issues.

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