Budget and Finances


During the current financial year, the council sets out and approves a budget for the municipality for the following calendar year. This defines the municipality's operational and financial objectives.

When devising and approving the budget, the council must also set out an economic plan covering the next three (or more) years. The budget year is the first year of this financial plan.

Budget 2018 and Economic Plan 2018-2020 (in Finnish)

Budget 2017 and Economic Plan 2017-2019 (in Finnish)

Financial Statements

The financial statements cover the reported accounting period, and show the municipal income and financial position. The financial statements also include an annual report that states the achievements against the operational and financial objectives adopted by the municipal council budget, as well as describing the development of the municipality's current operations.

The municipality's fiscal year runs the same as the calendar year. The Board of Directors prepare the financial statements for the financial year by the end of March of the following year and issue it to the auditors for examination. The auditors are required to audit the financial statements by the end of May. The municipal government must then submit the financial statements to the Board of Directors following the audit. The municipal council decides on the approval and release of financial statements after obtaining the auditor's audit report, and the evaluation report from the audit board. The Board of Directors is required to deal with the financial statements by the end of June.

Here are the pervious Financial Statements for 2017 / 2016 / 2015 (in Finnish)