Wastewater Disposal Service Regulations

Wastewater systems located in a water-based or groundwater area that were in use at the beginning of 2004, and which do not meet the requirements of Section 4 of the Regulation (157/2017), must be brought into conformity by 31/10/2019 at the latest.  In other areas, building work and renovations involving sewage and wastewater systems will require the appropriate building permits.

In those buildings where waste water is produced in small quantities, water supplies can be untreated. They must not pose a risk of environmental pollution and must not include sewage / toilet water. For example, such buildings should have equipment for treating the water such that the amount of effluent waste is so low that it does not need to be cleaned before land management. Household waste water, including bathing water, should never flow untreated directly into surface water.