Tips for Improving Health and Well-being

There are many different internet-based services which include both information and tests regarding health and well-being. We have put together some tips and links for these community sites to help with the basics of well-being. Hopefully that they will be of benefit, because health and well-being promotion is important for everyone. Remembering to eat regularly and healthily is important, along with getting enough sleep and keeping mobile. These all help to keep us in good shape.

The National Institute for Health and Well-being is a web-portal for citizens, with reliable information and tests on health and well-being. (in Finnish) is a health portal for citizens that covers many aspects of health, such as exercise, nutrition, mental well-being, oral health, smoking and alcohol use. The site has a lot of tests, information on factors affecting health and well-being, topical issues, and tips and guides for movement and weight control.

Pieni Päätös Päivässä (in Finnish) is website with small ideas to help get people a little better, in small stages.

Terveyskylä (in Finnish) is a site providing information and support to everyone, with patient care advice and tools for health professionals.