Senior Citizens Council

The Senior Citizens Council acts under the authority of the municipal council, as prescribed by the Local Government Act (410/2015 § 27). The Senior Citizens Council is a co-operative body consisting of the Pälkäne municipality, Senior citizens and their relatives, and local organisations representing senior citizen groups.

Aims of the Senior Citizens Council:

  • Enhance the ability of senior citizens to participate in the choices and decisions affecting their quality of life.
  • Promote co-operation between authorities, senior citizens and their representative associations in Pälkäne.
  • Promote the well-being, health and functional abilities of senior citizens as well as their independent performance in various social activities such as housing, social and health services, cultural and leisure activities and other municipal services.
  • Monitor the ongoing needs of senior citizens, and the level, availability and accessibility of services they require.
  • Devise presentations and initiatives, and provide feedback to municipal authorities on issues relevant to the well-being, health, inclusion, living environment, housing, mobility, or performance of day-to-day activities of senior citizens and the services they require.
  • Contribute to the planning of services for senior citizens and the elderly population and help evaluate existing services within the municipality.
  • Perform activities and tasks assigned to it by the municipal government to assist with the well-being of senior citizens.

Members of the Senior Citizens Council (2017-2021):

Kirsi Saarinen (Chair of the Senior Citizens Council)
Pälkäne Parish Council
p. 040 728 6464
Deputy: Vesa Mellavuo

Sydän-Hämee Pension Association
Pirkko Närvänen
p. 040 722 5894
Kokkomäentie 50
36600 Pälkäne

Paula Pihlava

Pirjo Turunen
p. 040 768 5203
Hirvontie 310
36600 Pälkäne

Marjatta Savolainen (Joint Deputy)

Pälkäne Seniors Association
Heleena Toikka
p. 040 744 8028
Ämmönlahdentie 40
36600 Pälkäne

Marja Koppana
p. 040 738 5642
Kesätie 3
36600 Pälkäne

Heikki Heikkilä
p. 0400 626 705
Sarjalantie 11
36660 Laitikkala

Riitta Helenius (Joint Deputy)

Other Elected Representatives
Tiina Kokkola
p. 040 756 6785
Hannantie 6
36600 Pälkäne
Deputy: Pertti Salminen

Maria Aho
Kiviniementie 35
36600 Pälkäne
Deputy: Tom Hirmukallio

Mia Sorri (Secretary of the Senior Citizens Council)
p. 050 592 7376

Further Information:

Senior Citizens Council Code of Conduct (in Finnish)

Senior Citizens Council Brochure (in Finnish)

Senior Citizens Council Meeting Minutes