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On 27 June 2018, the Finnish Parliament approved a new Early Childhood Education Act, which came into force on September 1st, 2018. The new law strengthens the quality of early childhood education by raising staff training levels and clarifying job titles. The best interests of the child are improved, and the child's interest must be taken into account by educators when designing and organising early education. The child must also be protected from violence, bullying and harassment.

Read more about the new Early Childhood Education Act (in Finnish)

The Government Decree regarding Early Childhood Education can be read here (in Finnish)

Early Childhood Education within Pälkäne Municipality is taking part in "The Pleasure of Moving" - the National Mobility and Welfare Program

a child drawn sticker with the words "happiness grows by moving"the logo of reimago

The Pleasure of Moving program is organised so that each child should have a daily opportunity to move and enjoy some sport.

The program is designed as a part of early childhood education, and paves the way for enjoyment of sport as part of the school curriculum in full-time education. The program aims to introduce more sporty activities into early childhood education.

You can find more about this on the program's own page here.