MiniVerso Mediation

Mediation is a peaceful way to resolve conflicts. Mediation is a good way of solving conflicts instead of alternative methods. Conciliation allows the parties to discuss and ponder together what can be done to ensure that the issue, and situation of mistrust, is not repeated.

The early childhood education department has launched MiniVerso mediation in cooperation with trainers from the Finnish Conciliation Forum. With the help of the staff's conciliatory work, the goal is to promote the involvement of children, and help them with the management of life skills. The idea is to change attitudes, so that conflict situations are understood as part of ordinary life, and to settle disagreements more as a learning situation than by a difficult or nasty incident.

Individual members of the municipality have received training in the conciliatory process. Children have also been advised regarding the mediation process. The mediation activity within early childhood and school is constantly monitored using surveys and studies. Results in other areas have already shown that children and students know their own groups very well, and through mediation, the group peace will be secured.

More information regarding peer mediation in childhood education can be on the Verso website here. An information video (in Finnish) can also be viewed here.