Student Care

The role of the school student care team is to provide students with a good and safe framework for daily school work. Each school has a dedicated student welfare team.

Pälkäne Municipality Student Care Plan (in Finnish)

Pupil care is organised by various education and health professionals, including school principals, teachers, school psychologists and special needs teachers.

School Psychologist
Hanna Keskinen
p. 050 341 3989
Office: Pälkäne Municipal Building, Keskustie 1, 36600 Pälkäne 

School Social Worker (covering: Kostia Primary School, Harhala Primary School and Pälkäne High School)
Kirsi Andrejeff-Keränen
p. 0400 940 881

School and Student Health Care

In schools, the student health care is provided by a school nurse and a school physician. The aim of school and student health care is to secure the growth and development of children and young people and to support the adoption of healthy lifestyles.

Periodic health checks form part of the school health care process. The first, fifth and combined seventh/eighth year students are checked jointly by a nurse and a doctor. The guardian is usually required to be present at the check-up. In the intervening years, a nurse performs interim health-checks. The aim is to check each student annually.

School nurses can be reached at the following numbers:

Aitoo School - Päivi Jokilaakso - p. 0400 799369
Kostia School and Luopioinen Kirkonkylä School - Maarit Koskela - p. 050 415 2268
Harhala School / Rautajärvi School / Pälkäne High School - Katja Huuhtanen - p. 050 430 8571

Dental Care

Pupil dental healthcare is organised by the local dental centre. Appointments are arranged centrally for both Pälkäne and Luopioinen Dental Care Clinics. 
p. 03 565 54023 - Mon-Fri - 08:00 - 15:00

Nepsy Assessment System

The Pälkäne early childhood team uses the Nepsy assessment system, which can help families in identifying a challenging child or young person. A child may be diagnosed with, for example, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or autism disorder. The purpose of the system is to give the whole family tools and practical tips to help progress through the challenging situations of everyday life. No initial diagnosis is needed to access the service, please contact a Nepsy coordinator for help and advice.

The Nepsy process is free of charge, and is most effective if it can be started as soon as the requirement is identified. At the beginning of the process, multi-professional staff, together with the child and the family, will create a unique assessment of the support needs, along with the activity goals to best help the child and carers. Meetings can be held either at the child's home or at another agreed place. The purpose of the coaching is to help the child in managing their own life more successfully. There are usually 3-5 meetings, after which the situation is reassessed, and the coaching can be adjusted and resumed, or the child and family can be directed to other services which may be better suited to help.

Nepsy Specialists:

Elina Karstu (school-age children)                                                
p. 050 4620266 (Wednesdays, 12:30 - 13:30)                                                            

Leila Kajan (under school age)
p. 040 553 4807 (Mondays, 12:00 - 13:00)