The Pleasure of Moving

a child drawn sticker with the words "happiness grows by moving"

The goal of the national Pleasure of Moving ("Ilo kasvaa liikkuen") program is that each child should have a daily opportunity to move and enjoy some sport.

The program is designed as a part of early childhood education, and it paves the way for the enjoyment of sport as part of the curriculum of full-time education, as well as fulfilling sections of the Early Childhood Education Act, additional Early Childhood Education goals, and the new curriculum for pre-school education. The program aims to also instill a positive sports culture during early childhood education.

More information regarding The Pleasure of Moving can be found here (in Finnish)
 Here(in Finnish) is an information brochure 
Recommendations regarding activity levels during early childhood can be found here (in Finnish)

ReimaGo App and Activity Sensor

As part of this program, the early childhood education department has selected 40 children (with groups varying seasonally) to use activity sensors. During the day, each sensor measures the physical activity of the children and the intensity of their exercise. This information is then sent wirelessly to the application on the class tablet or smartphone. The children can then track their progress in the app, which also has a fun gaming element, and provides some nice friendly competition for them and their group. There is also Goey, the ReimaGO mascot from the game, available as a plush toy, that the children can also play and have fun with. Parents can choose to follow their child's activity with the help of the application. During the weekends, the Goey toy can come home with the child, and maybe even help encourage the whole family to enjoy some more exercise.

More information regarding ReimaGO can be found here.

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