Before and After School Activities

Morning and afternoon activities are intended for primary school students in years 1 and 2, and can also allow year 3 students, group size permitting. The municipality also organises afternoon activities for all grades, as necessary, for pupils taken or transferred to special education classes.

Applications for morning and afternoon activities is done electronically using eDaisy

The activities are guided, and ran by skilled instructors. The school principle is responsible for the activities, and they can supply further information on practical arrangements as needed.

Activities require at least four pupils to register for the group. If the group enrolment does not meet the required number of students, the school will advise that the activity group will not be available.

Pälkäne Primary Schools - Morning and Afternoon Activities Plan (in Finnish)

Morning and afternoon activities during the 2020-2021 academic year are arranged as follows:

1. Morning activities at Kostia School (7am to 8am) cost 40 euros per month.

2. Afternoon activities, for 15 hours a week(12.30am to 4pm), will be held at Kostia, Aitoo, Harhala, Luopioinen Kirkonkylä and Rautajärvi schools, at a cost of 80 euros per month.

3. Afternoon activities, for 20 hours a week(12.30am to4.30pm), will be held at Kostia School, and cost 100 euros per month.

If morning and afternoon activities are organised for only a maximum of 10 days per month, only half of the fee is then charged. Additionally, only half of the fee is charged if a the child cannot participate in morning or afternoon activities for more than 10 days during the calendar month due to illness.

If the absence due to illness lasts the whole calendar month, no fee will be charged. If, for any other reason, the child does not participate in the activities for the entire calendar month, half of the monthly fee will be charged.

The fee can be waived or reduced, at the discression of the Early Childhood Education Director, due to maintenance obligations of the guardian, overall livelihood conditions, etc. Please apply using this Fee Reduction / Exemption Application Form (in Finnish).

For details of fees and the income band limits, please contact:
Early Childhood Education Director
Juha Forsman
p. 0400 830 221

Further information on the activities can be obtained directly from the appropriate school:

Aitoo School - p. 050 315 2809
Harhala School - p. 050 562 4508
Haanlouka Group / Kostia School - p. 040 759 4656
Luopioinen Kirkonkylä School - p. 050 315 2807
Rautajärvi School - p. 050 526 7055