Support For Growth and Learning

Early childhood education and pre-school education support the growth and development of each child, in response to the diverse needs of children. Supporting a child in early childhood education and pre-school education is a breakdown of developmental and learning support, classified as general, intensified or specific support. The shared observations of child growth, development and learning are the starting point for parents and support staff, and support is focussed on the child's strengths and learning and developmental needs.

The support required for a child will vary from occasional to continuous support and from a little to a lot. It is important that the child's support is arranged as soon as the need for support is realised, and then assessed on a regular basis. The daycare care and education staff systematically support the growth and learning of a child using a variety of methods and tools, and adapting the learning and growth environment to support the individual needs and strengths of the children.

 Structural support measures for child growth and learning are discretionary, and are arranged within the child's own group. The group may hire a team assistant if more focussed care is needed to help further support the children.

The Special Education Teacher (VEO) of Early Childhood Education is a specialist in growth and learning support and guides and advises early childhood staff and parents regarding child support needs. In addition, they also organise the children into small groups, and work systematically with the them and local educational staff. The Special Education Teacher works in co-operation with parents and educators to assist any child in need of support.

More information regarding support for early childhood education can be found here (in Finnish)


Pälkäne Municipality Early Childhood Special Educators (VEO's)

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