School Transport

School transport is organised by the Pälkäne Municipality, in accordance with the principles of the Basic Education Act.

Preschool and Primary education students are provided with free transportation, either directly, or by reimbursement of school travel costs to the student's carer, according to the following conditions:

  • The length of the school trip for pre-school pupils, or pupils in year 1-3, is more than three kilometers.
  • The length of the school trip for pupils in year 4-9 is more than five kilometers.
    NB: The school distance is measured from the home of the pupil to the gate of the school
  • The school trip is otherwise too difficult, stressful or dangerous for the pupil, even if less than the required distance.
  • Regional maps and Education Committee expertise are used as the basis for assessing pupil danger on the school trip.
  • The right to school transport for health reasons is subject to submission of a medical or equivalent statement to support the decision making process.
  • A pupil's school trip may require a short journey by the pupil in order to access school transportation. As a rule, the student should go to the nearest bus stop or public road of the taxi route to access the transport, unless that travel distance exceeds two kilometers (pupils in year 1-2) or three kilometers (pupils in year 3-9).
  • Pre-school pupils can be provided with transportation to/from an alternative place of care from the family home.
  • Pupil's guardian can apply for school travel expenses if they transport the child instead of using the municipality transport.

If a student does not have the right to free school transportation, according to the rules listed above, the student may be allowed to use school transport their own expense. This will depend on availability on the transport used. In this case, the guardian should agree and pay the fee directly with the transport provider, as it is outside of the scope of the municipality.

School transport will not be provided, or costs covered, should a student choose a different school to the one nominated by the municipality.

In a case of councils (or schools) merging, the Education Board will take into account such changes caused by the merger to decide on pupil transportation requirements.

School transport may be arranged if the pupil from another municipality (eg: just over the border) wishes to use a Pälkäne region school.

The Education Director can, at their discression, provide school pupil transportation for some other justified reason, in the interests of the child.