Preschool Registration and Enrolment

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Pälkäne municipality will provide Early childhood preschool education during 2020 - 2021 for children born during the 2014-2015 school year. The new year of preschool education commences 12.08.2020.

Preschool education is 700 hours a year, about four hours a day. The term and holiday times usually follow normal school and work times. Preschool education is free of charge. Registration for pre-primary education in Pälkäne is carried out electronically using DaisyNET. In addition to standard preschool education, additional hours may also be requested, at extra charge. If the child need additional preschool hours, it can be requested at the same time as the enrolment.  Up to 85h / month (50% fee), 86-120h / month (70% fee) and 121-140h / month (80% fee) can be selected for supplementary early childhood education. More information regarding fee rates, hours and family size discounts can be viewed here.

Pre-school education is organised at Kostian School, HermAnni nursery, Luopioinen Centre Preschool or the Aitoo nursery. Depending on free places / family location, there may be changes to preschool placements.