Group Family Day Care

Group Family Day Care provides care for children in a home-like environment, usually with a maximum of 12 children.

We aim to create a peaceful play environment where children of different ages can learn to know each other and to work together and help each other. We sing and play, paint, read fairy tales, do art and crafts, paintings according to the children's age and enthusiasm. We take little trips in the surrounding area, to see the rivers, into the woods, on the beach, in the town and other interesting places.

In the spring, we usually take a trip to some nice place. In the autumn we have our own traditional "sports day". At Christmas we visit the church and enjoy a Christmas party. We are also happy to receive guests - grandparents and others relatives and friends are welcome to visit - it's fun for the children too.

Group Family Day Care Early Childhood Education Plan (in Finnish)

Group Family Day Care Brochure (in Finnish)

a picture of Harju Group Family Day Care during the winter

Harju Group Family Day Care

Syrjänharjuntie 4, 36600 Pälkäne

p. 040 569 4441

a picture of Laitikkala Group Family Day Care during the spring

Laitikkala Group Family Day Care

Kuisemantie 41, 36660 Laitikkala,

p. 040 566 7668

a picture of Rautajärvi Group Family Day Care during the winter

Rautajärvi Group Family Day Care

Oikotie 12, 36910 Rautajärvi

p. 040 775 7034

a picture of Tuulenpesä Group Family Day Care during the winter

Tuulenpesä Group Family Day Care

Onkkaalantie 170, 36600 Pälkäne

p. 040 551 9202