Studying in High School

two girls studying architecture High School Education is part of secondary education, and can last between 2-4 years. The curriculum consists of at least 75 courses, with no upper limit on the number of courses that can be selected.

Compulsory: 47-51 courses, depending on whether short or long maths is selected.
Advanced Courses: at least 10 courses
Applied Courses: (no limit)

The Pälkäne High School curriculum is designed in conjunction with the Tampere High School District. Please see here for more details.

For more information on Pälkäne High School study options, please visit the Pälkäne High School PedaNet pages, or contact the school study counsellor.

Pälkäne High School Study Counsellor
Lotta Seppänen
p. 050 3152 812